This is me with my surgeon Dr. David Greenbaum..The picture was taken almost 2 years after my surgery at one of our Support Group Meetings... It was Halloween!  Sister Mary Greenbaum?  Oyyyy  What's next!   Size 6 and 135 pounds.

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Slimming Results

In 75% of cases, bariatric surgery succeeds where other methods fail.  Dramatic weight loss begins immediately after the procedure and levels off within 18 to 24 months.  The average patient loses between 50% and 75% of his/her excess weight and keeps it off .. a feat no diet or drug has yet to match.

It is clear that non-operative treatment does NOT work for the severely obese.  The rate of dieting failure is 100%.   100%

Surgery isn't a Cure

Weight loss Surgery is a Tool, not a Cure.

The biggest misconception is that surgery will solve the problem permanently.  It is indeed part of the answer, but it is critical that the patient changes as well.  Patients must resolve to become dedicated to a lifetime of aftercare which includes a vitamin regimen and some sort of exercising.

Weighing the Risks

On a personal note, and taking into consideration my lifestyle before I had my surgery, I would do the surgery once a year for the rest of my life, if it meant I could live the way I am living now.  I was existing @ 275 pounds, I'm living again @ 135 pounds.   Losing weight did not come easy for me.  I had to "get it" in my head first, before my body would let go of the 40 additional pounds I thought I would never lose.   Please take a moment and read the article I had published in Weight Loss Surgery LifestylesMy Article

I wish I could go up to every single person who is trapped in an obese body and say "There's help out here".  Just reach out and grab that brass ring.   You don't have to live like that any more.

This picture was taken May of 2005, at the Bariatric Bunch Fashion Show!



Please feel free to ask questions I can be reached by e-mail, 

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