Bariatric Bunch Support Group Scrap Book

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Support Group




During our 2004 Fashion Show, Dr. Wasser Decided he would explain to our group just how the Surgery was performed (Please no one should try this method at home or in the hospital.  It has not been defined as standard OR procedure.)  He asked Georgia Sue, our Century Club Facilitator to assist him w/this demonstration using Dr. G as his patient.

First, it was necessary for the "patient" to understand everything that was about to happen to him

Then being the perfectionist that he is he explained the instruments to Georgia, and was proficient enough to show her precisely how they should be used!

However, there was a little problem and some how Georgia had a slight slip of hand!   But our patient got up with a smile!  He also became a blonde! 

Georgia was just amazed at her surgical talents....this was her very first surgery!

We do manage to have a lot of fun.  These pictures are part of a skit we did during our 2004 Fashion Show!

Each year South Jersey Bariatrics Host :

  • A Holiday Party

All Models have an entire make-over compliments of Louis Christian, Wayne Robert Salon and Spa in Marlton, NJ.

We have an album filled with pictures that have been taken during the last five years, you are welcome to go through our photo album.   There are over 230 pictures, it does take time to load.   Enjoy!

  • These functions are "free" to members in good standing of our Support Group!


We encourage all our patients to participate in support group functions, interact with other members, formulate your own network of friends and confidants.   The post-ops who attend meetings do so to support the newer patients, as well as meet and greet friends.   Statistics show that patients who attend support group meetings on a regular basis, generally just do better than those who do not attend.   Support Group meetings are part of the recovery process.  South Jersey Bariatrics recognizes this fact and is proud of the success they experience with the support group.


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