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This is Tina Riley, she will be an integral part of your pathway to success.  She is the Patient Coordinator at South Jersey Bariatrics.

She will work with you to get all your necessary paperwork completed and she works with the insurance companies to push paper work through, in a timely manner. The only thing she "can't" do is change the terms of your insurance policy.  I.E., if your  insurance policy has a specific rider that excludes Bariatric Surgery, she won't be able to change that policy. 

If your insurance requires documentation of "lifestyle change" Tina is the one that will document that progress and report that information to the insurance company.  She is helpful, she is kind and treats everyone with the respect they deserve and is very conscious of the plight of severe obesity.

Tina will be your first contact you can reach her by calling 609.877.1737 Ext. 16. Or, you can send her an e-mail.   She is always willing to help by answering questions anyone may have.  She is also available for consultation at each Support Group Meeting.   Please see our Support Group Schedule for our next available meeting.

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